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Submit Purchase Order invoices electronically to the Payment Services Office.

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e-Invoice Information

  1. The file name cannot contain special characters such as -, ',_,?,#,*, and %.
  2. This page works in browser IE 10 and above, Firefox and Chrome.
  3. This submission process can be utilized for credit memos.
  4. For each invoice maximum size per file upload is 10 MB.
  5. Accepted file types for upload are PDF, DOC, DOCX, JPG and JPEG.
  6. File upload requirements:
    1. Each file can contain only one (1) invoice. The file may include multiple pages associated with the invoice.
    2. Do not combine multiple invoices into one (1) file.
  7. Maximum 10 invoices per submission.
  8. The document must be an invoice, NOT a quote, order acknowledgement, sales receipt, statement, or packing list.
  9. Invoice must meet the following requirements
    1. A valid SJSU Purchase Order Number is required on the invoice.
    2. The invoice must bill San José State University.
    3. “Remit to” address is clearly identified.
    4. Detailed and itemized description of the products and/or services provided.
    5. Sales tax, as applicable.
    6. Except for common carriers (e.g., UPS or FedEX), freight charges of $200 or more must be supported with a freight bill. Include the freight bill in the same upload invoice file.
  10. Do not mail paper invoice if e-Invoice is submitted.

If you have any questions, please contact the Payment Services Office.

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